Gillu By Mahadevi Varma

{Bachpan mein gilahri ke peechhe bhaage ho? Ya phir ghanto baithe do gilahariyon ko khelte dekha hai..?

Fed up of my Champak and Nandan magazine love, My mother (who I sometimes call Mimmi ) forced the then 14-year-old me to read this classic literature story – Gillu. I turned my nose at first but when I did read it, I immediately read it again. Then over the course of one year, I read it so many times. It is still refreshing. Who says you need a vacation to de-stress? Such sweet and mellow stories about our furry friends bring much sought-after relief.

In Puraani Chitthi, we will read renowned authors and celebrate fore-fathers of literature. Gillu is a short story by India’s eminent writer, poet, social activist and Padma Vibhushan recipient for Literature and Education, Mahadevi Varma. }


Story Link : Gillu

Animated video link for your children and non hindi readers: Gillu Animated

Do leave a comment if ‘Gillu’ visited your garden.

– Aaj Sirhaane

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  1. Sandeep Bhutani says:

    वाह, प्यार पर विश्वास बढ़ गया

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