Usman Ghani recites Hassan Koozagar

{In Gustaakhiyaan, we will feature ‘voices’ which dare to render great poems and stories. This is my most favorite category because it makes way for the transfusion of literature beyond linguistic barriers.

The poem ‘Hassan Koozagar’ is an urdu poem written by Noon Meem Rashid which I wouldn’t have known about, had Usman not recited it. A haunting poem that captures a forgotten time. Confusing at times, giving to its flawed sequence but that is why it resonates. The back and forth switch in time and cryptic clues to Koozagar’s traumatized mind will live with you for a lifetime.

Usman Ghani has an incredible voice. He has rendered several poems and made me teary eyed just by the empathy of his voice. But this time, he has an edge here. This poem by Noon Meem Rashid has an in built narrative fluency, something that blended well with Usman’s deep and earthy voice.The shrill in his voice confirms yet again that there is no one who can recite this poem better than him.

Follow Usman on Twitter @ugpk to ask meanings and translations of this poem. He is friendliest Urdu -enthusiast I know of.}


Link to soundcloud: Usman Ghani recites Hassan Koozagar 

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