Jindwa by @miliiness



Bhai, kal holi hai! Ek masti wala geet to banta hai!

Only few people have that inherent quality in their voice that doesn’t need an instrument while singing. There is that ‘khanak’ that pours out in the words even when they speak. I have never heard Mili speak, but she certainly qualifies for the above in this song. I wasn’t expecting her to be so full of life and like a fresh breath of air (Sarson ke peele peele kheton ki khushbuu waali )..

Here, listen to the peppy voice of Mili Duggal @miliiness and judge yourself. A complete crowd-pleaser.


Also, follow her on twitter if you don’t already and befriend this truly approachable girl with amiable disposition.

– Sai_Ki_Bitiya for Aaj Sirhaane

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