A tribute to India By Sandeep Bhutani

What is poetry without the message reaching the core of your heart? What is poetry without making you feel the most unsaid of emotions? And do words alone have that burden to carry? Can a word-less symphony be a poetry too?

And if yes, do you have to own the most expensive pianos or violins, or do you have to be as talented as Mozart or Beethoven.

The answer in my heart is, no. If you have the story to tell, a passion that won’t budge and a need to express, poetry has a way to free itself. Here is a lovely instrumental rendition of India’s national anthem by Sandeep Bhutani (@dogtired1) on his harmonica. It made me want to stand up but while I didn’t, my goosebumps did the needful in respect and love for the country. Here it goes:

Link to soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/sandeep-bhutani/national-anthem-byme


Thank you, Sandeep for sharing this with us. I am also intrigued by your selection of this tune over all the Bollywood jingles. A salute to your patriotism. The harmonica is extremely well done. I wasn’t expecting to be that magnetically attracted to it as much I did.

Readers, You don’t have to be an Indian to enjoy this sweet musical delight. Words may define barriers but music and its depth doesn’t. Please click and follow @dogtired1. Not only that he is an amazing mouth-organist, he is also an extremely friendly tweep with interesting quips about life.


– SKB for Aaj Sirhaane

(Must add here that this is election time. Remember that your vote is precious.)

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