Kya kya kehta hun tum ko.. by Nimit Rastogi ‘Chitr’

We have reciprocated and exchanged a lot over what we call poetry. Even among ourselves, we find a lot of styles, both adept and still germinating to be. However we rarely see attempts of poetry writing with Hindi new age styles surfacing up. May be getting too much affected by some trend around, somewhere in the back of our mind we have started believing that Urdu is the only gateway to poetry. Somewhere the impression we impart to the newer ones joining the social clan of poetry is to thrive stuffing Urdu vocabulary or try tagging in Urdu synonyms in their respective works to give it an “acceptable to the trend” look and feel. This is where we sadly loose our originality as a poet and surrender to a cosmetic and trendy type casting sans simplicity and repose.

However then we also have a kind to which Nimit Rastogi belongs, which not only evolves as a poet within, but also accepts and adapts the originality of the language that comes involuntarily. The usage of Hindi, so original to the modern age, and the words so well interwoven that irrespective of the lucid expressions they paint, they form an assertive yet sublime art work. I got my turn of luck to read one of his many beautiful works:


Kabhi chaand kahun –
Kabhi kahun raushni tumhein,
Kabhi sardiyon ki dhuup ya –
Dhuup mein chhaaya tumhein,
Kahun paraag phuulon ka –
Jis se bani madhu ki mithaas,
Kabhi kahun aawaaz tumhaari –
Gud ke jaisi meethi hai,
Aksar maine tum ko ek –
Gulaab kahaa hai naazuk sa,
Aur kabhi yun bhi kehtaa hun –
Tum phuulon ki khushbu ho,
Kabhi main chanchal lehron se –
Tumhaari upmaa detaa hun,
Tum ko saahil pe chalne waali –
Sheetal havaa bhi kehtaa hun,
Kahaa manchali tum ko maine –
Tum titlee ke jaisi ho,
Aur tumhein titlee ke rango’n si –
Rangeen shaam kahaa,
Ek baar kahun jalpari tumhein –
Ek baar koi apsara kahun,
Machhli jaisi aankhon waali –
Ya mrignayani kahun tumhein,
TUm dhadkan ke jaisi mere –
Dil mein har pal rehti ho,
Main tumhein mohabbat kehtaa hun –
Tum mujh ko paagal kehti ho.

~ Chitr


Under the pen name of Chitr, the way this young poet flamboyantly derives references from the different planes of nature, dips them with his emotions and thoughts and takes them to ink and pulp with his authentic and refined Hindi style is noteworthy. You would be amazed to see his thoughts so deep with the weight of abstract content yet standing lofty and exalted like the clouds of words and expressions. I will again bring the lights to the virtue of originality here. Writing original is one thing, having originality over style and usage of language is altogether different and rare to find. This is what makes a poet from among the poets. Please click and follow Nimit on @_Chitr for he is one good cordial poet you would like to stay in touch.

–  Jilaawatan for Aaj Sirhaane

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