Jaana.. By Suhail Zaidi

Reading Suhail Zaidi’s poem is like looking at a beautiful painting. His brush is dipped in sheer glow of effortless love stories.

In ‘Jaana’, Suhail paints romance on the canvas of a stunning evening sky. I bet you this will remind you of all the sunsets you have ever seen. I also bet it will leave you hopelessly hopeful. Why I selected this short poem over many others he wrote is simply because poetry cannot be measured in length. Sometimes just a line stays longer in your heart. Like this poem, where I still feel the orange bask of a sunset on my skin.



Suraj ka paanv phisla, aur dham se woh paani mein giraa..

Samandar ko laal rang se rang ke..

Aur halke gehre katthayi rangon ke..

Chheete aasmaan pe chiddak ke

Wo jaane hi waala tha.. wo sone hi waala tha


Tumne, magar us sunset ki aankhon mein aankhen daal kar,

‘Jaana’ ..

Use majboor kar diya..

Wo lamha rok diya hai aankhon mein ..

Jahaan ka maamool ruk gaya hai us pal mein..


Tak-taki hataao ‘Jaana’..

Waqt ko rihaa karo.. ke raat aaye..


Suhail, you are a marvellous poet. You are an absolute genius when it comes to write of love and romance. Like many of your poems, this poem too, has the ethereal Gulzar redolance.

Guys, Please follow him on Twitter ( @suhailzaidi ) and experience the magic of his words. He is unashamedly unstoppable in writing poems or verses. Which is great, because he writes gold.

– SKB for Aaj Sirhaane

One Comment Add yours

  1. Nimit says:

    “I bet you this will remind you of all the sunsets you have ever seen”

    You won the bet 🙂
    He, indeed, writes Gold.

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