Khaamosh Baatein .. By Rachana Raj

I am personally excited to introduce Rachana Raj to all of you. Here is a voice that reminds me of that black and white era, where late night radio was the only thing connected us to the world and a ‘çlinkering like bangles’ voice read contemporary poetry and verses. I have never heard it but my mamma told me and so I have time and again wondered how the night would befall in the company of such a voice. I know, now.

Please listen to this sweet sounding girl as she renders a poem ‘Khamosh Baatein’ which itself speaks volume.

Link to soundcloud:Khaamosh Baatein

city lightsRachana has a euphonious voice that immediately connects to the poetry-lover in you. At the end, I felt like hearing more and more of her. And so we have planned to bring her back. (Wink wink, stay tuned..! )

Meanwhile, follow her on Twitter ( @integrated_me ) as she tweets some mean punches.

– SKB for Aaj Sirhaane

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