Tum mere paas hote ho.. (by Momin Khan Momin)


“Tum mere paas hote ho goyaa.. Jab koyi duusraa nahiin hotaa..”

This couplet or sher can be interpreted in two ways.

One of the meanings is:
When you are with me (on my mind).. No one else is..

And the second interpretation is:
You are with me (on my side).. When no one else is..

The conjunction of “goyaa” and “jab” create this exceptional double entendre of beautiful yet different thoughts with brevity and genius. Hence a rather well-known legend or anecdote related to Momin is that Mirza Ghalib, his contemporary from the same era, supposedly said he would offer his entire ‘deewan’ for this one sher of Momin.

Hope you all will enjoy savouring every word of this ageless masterpiece from Momin Khan Momin, the uncrowned genius of romantic verses.

Asar us ko zaraa nahiin hotaa..
Ranj raahat-fazaa nahiin hotaa..

Tum hamaare kisii tarah na hue..
Varnaa duniyaa mein kyaa nahiin hotaa..

Narsaayii se dam ruke to ruke..
Main kisii se khafaa nahiin hotaa..

Tum mere paas hote ho goyaa..
Jab koyii duusraa nahiin hotaa..

Haal-e-dil yaar ko likhuun kyuun kar..
Haath dil se judaa nahiin hotaa..

Daaman us ka jo hai daraaz to ho..
Dast-e-aashiq rasaa nahiin hotaa..

Kis ko hai zauq-e-talKh-kalaami laik..
Jang bin kuchh mazaa nahiin hotaa..

Chaara-e-dil sivaae sabr nahiin..
So tumhaare sivaa nahiin hotaa..

Kyuun sunein arz-e-muztar ae Momin..
Sanam aakhir Khudaa nahiin hotaa..

–  Jilaawatan for Aaj Sirhaane

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