Mili Duggal .. reads poems by Amrita Pritam

SljN0YLF_400x400 Those who know her, know that she is woman and a child all rolled into one. Mili, or as we know her @Miliiness, has an impressive vocal range that is perfect for rendering Punjabi poems. Her authentic voice takes us through mustard fields and narrow trails to that old well where these legendary poets reside even today.


Today, she reads two famous works of Amrita Pritam, the irrefutable queen of Punjabi poetry and prose.

Ajj Akkhaan Waris Shah Nu

 Main Tainu Pher Milaangi

If you like what you hear, do not forget to follow @miliiness on twitter and tell her I admire her voice so much. 🙂


SKB – Aaj Sirhaane

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  1. Beautiful rendition.. With Gulzar’s rendition of “Main Tenu Phir Milaangi” around as a benchmark, I am surprised that it was even tried. But it has come out really well with it’s own flavor. Looking forward to more recordings!

    1. Mili says:

      Thank you so much 🙂 Gulzar Sa’ab’s rendition is on a different planet altogether, so I never even thought that I was in the same league and so I shouldn’t. Yes, it has been around so much and recited so many times by so many people. Actually it was Rana Di @iamrana who asked me to. Well, I am glad I did, and it makes me feel very humbled to know that it was appreciated. Thank you for listening and your feedback 🙂

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