Aanchal .. Reads एक फ़टा हुआ पन्ना

Note From Anuradha (SKB) – Aanchal has a mellifluous voice meant for singing and story-telling.. If you can manage to not get stuck in the voice, here is a story with an unusual mix of realistic fantasy and guiltless love. I ended up hearing it twice because the human in me could not deal with guiltlessness of the protagnist.. I want to ensure I did not miss a key point .. I came out of it enriched with a new prism of thought. Here is a story you don’t expect it to be.

Read on..

Name: Aanchal Aanchal

Twitter Handle: @avidaanchal

Story Name: एक फ़टा हुआ पन्ना

Writer’s name: Anuj Sharma @deg_teg_

About the story: लेखक का लिखने का तरीका इतना सपाट और सीधा है कि चरित्र के तात्कालिक भावों में पाठक उतरता जाता है। न कोई गर्व न अपराधबोध बस अंदर के भावों की अभिव्यक्ति जो स्त्री पात्रों के रूप में विशेष रूप से अभिव्यक्त होती है । लेखक की नायिका न  अपराधबोध से ग्रस्त है न उच्श्रंखल बल्कि विभिन्न परिस्थितियों में अपने भावों में उलझती नहीं बल्कि उनमे सहजता से बहती जाती है |

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  1. Mili says:

    My congratulations to both the writer and the narrator. To pack a punch like that in a story told in about 6 minutes is a feat. Aanchal, you have done justice to Anuj’s story. Anuj, I am not sure what to make of your main character yet, and I say that in a good way because I am still reeling from the story. Looking forward to more of such collaboration. I am not into audio books, but I must say this story in the audio form held my attention. Congratulations once again.

    1. Anuj Sharma says:

      Thank you very much for honor n appriciation this story could able to get from you. Of course some of stories in Aanchal’s mesmerizing voice, specially of women’s floating n stable emotions will be available in coming future.
      Thanks a lot once again.

  2. rahulshabd says:

    jab pehli baar ye kahaani suni to ye bhool gaya kya plot hai kya kahaani hai
    seedhe bhaiya bhabhi ke paas gaya aur bola ye aawaaz suno kitni khoobsurat hai…
    phir dobaara se audio play kiye poori kahaani ko aachhe se sunne ke liye
    anuj ji ne bina kisi bias ya guilt ke kaahani seedhe bhaavon par kendrit rakkhi hai..
    kahaani behad aachi hai par isko ek alag ayaam aanchal ji ki aawaaz ne diya hai…
    anuj ji aur aanchal ji dono badhaai ke paatr hain…

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