Charandeep .. Reads “Main Apni Zindagi Si”

Note From Anuradha (SKB) : I am not sure if I like the voice better or the poem. They both have the same element of courage to face all residues of life. You will walk away from this poem with a smile on your face and a big Waaaaaah from the heart.

Read on. 

Name : Charandeep SinghCharandeep
Twitter Handle : @charana22
Poem Title :   Main Apni Zindagi Se
Poet’s Name :  Krishan Sukumar
What’s special about the poem : Poem of love and life, how we should interact with life while in distress


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  1. Mili says:

    Waah ji, kee gall. Mainu laggya tusin punjabi ‘ch keeti honi kavita record. But this was a beautiful surprise. And a wonderful choice of the poem as well. Hun Paash ya Paatar di koi kavita karyo record. And keep this up : )

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