Ashish Mishra .. reads “Jinn Hai Ek”

Note From Anuradha (SKB) : You are going to love this gold. What a stand out piece of poetry. The way Ashish tries to read the poem is also very familiar. No? Ha ha.. Hear it ..

Name: Ashish Mishra

Twitter Handle: @justalovelythou

Poem Title:  Jinn hai ek

Writer’s Name: Yours Truly

Details about the poem: The poem compares the restlessness, frustation and sadness to the fire body famously known as Djinns.

What made you write this: It is just an attempt to define what all is going on beneath the garb of living our daily lives. There are some said/unsaid emotions bottled up. What are they? If everything is alright then why do they exist? Djinn perhaps? Or your unfulfilled desires, your amputated ambitions and some dreams which you killed yourself.



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  1. Mili says:

    An absolute treat this was. I loved the “thehraav” with which this piece was recited. Congratulations Ashish.

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