Krishna’s hymn in person .. Nadeem

nadeemAs some of you may know, it is Nadeem’s anniversary today.

An excellent yet most humble poet I know of and a photographer par excellence, Nadeem, or Naddy Bwoy .. was a friend. Sorry, he is a friend.

I met Naddy on Twitter in 2011 via #shair and we striked an unusual kind of acquaintance.

Difference in age, religion and even hobbies were no problem for us because there was one very strong connection. Krishna. Nadeem had deep reverence for Krishna hymns. As special gifts, he would find me the oldest and most precious Krishna songs and tag them to me. I returned the favor.

We did not talk much but when we did, we talked on spirituality, travel and ‘aate daal ka bhaav’ within the same conversation. Often, months would pass without a hello. There was no requirement of verbal communication between us. Krishna hymns were long-lasting.

Last year, he left this world for a more beautiful place. I guess they needed their angel back in the heaven. Sigh!

I cannot want to share more of him. In a strange way, I am protective and possessive of his purity & friendship. But I would like to share Nadeem’s art here .. A few of his poems and photographs. He called me a friend once .. I think I have earned a right to  steal his post without telling him.


Few poems by Nadeem Ahmad


Light a candle for me

Light a candle for me when I can’t.
Shed a tear for me when my eyes turn to stone.

Pray for me when my lips can’t move.

Fly for me when my wings are clipped.

Run for me when my legs are frozen.
Touch the stars for me when my hands are bound.

Breathe for me when my lungs are empty.
Live for me when my days are over.


Us sanam ki baatein karo…

Khayaal-e-yaar se ho kar ke jo lauta khawaab sa ..
Phir chalo us rah-guzar pe, us sanam ki baatein karo…
Be-khudi mein kar diya hai qatl mera yaar ne ..
Mujhse ai hum-safar kya daar-o-haram ki baatein karo…
Ye sukoot-e-marg saa chhaya hai kyun shaam se ..
Kuchh siyaah-e-raat ki, kuchh us maut ki baatein karo…
Ye daastaan-e-ishq kisi mod pe hai ruk gaee ..
Phir chhero daastaan, phir rudaad-e-ishq ki baatein karo…
Hui hairat ke tere rah-guzar mein aaj bhi ..
Khade raah-e-wafaa mein hum, kabhi tum be-wafaai ki baatein karo…
Kabhi yoon hi apne sang-e-mazaar se hum ..
Guzaare gardish-e-ayyaam ke din, chalo ab jashn ki baatein karo…

Photographs By Nadeem Ahmad







Here you can read and view more such gems of poetry and photography by him. Please keep him in your prayers.

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