The Yellow Saree .. A Story By Archana Akhramka

When it is genuine, a story with the simplest language will pull all the right strings in your heart. A sweet story with a subtle lesson and a heartwarming moment. I extend a warm welcome Archana to Aaj Sirhaane.



STORY TITLE: The Yellow Saree

WRITER: Archana Akhramka – @aakhramka
Inspired from true incident.

“Okay mom will talk to you later, have to go now” I put down the receiver .

Today I was wearing a yellow saree as requested by Meera. Meera is a five year old girl staying in an NGO for orphaned girls where I am a volunteer. I had been her personal mentor for the past few months.  Yesterday while I was teaching her to spell  colours she asked me “Can you come in a yellow saree tomorrow?”
Though  I don’t wear saris  on regular basis, I promised  her that I would. Yellow is not my favorite colour, so the only yellow coloured  saree I possessed was one gifted  to me by my mother long time back. It was  a beautiful, cotton  saree which I was going to wear for the first time to keep a promise to a five year old child. I glanced at the mirror once again and quite liked the lady in the mirror.
By the time  I reached there she had announced to all the children that today her aunty will be coming in a yellow sari, all of them were waiting eagerly  for my arrival . After the initial excitement had settled we sat down for studies . She had this different kind of satisfaction on her face that day and was chirping more than usual. Maybe she was happy to know that someone cared enough to fulfill her trivial request. Fifteen minutes into studies and Meera keeping with her inquisitive nature started her questioning session.
She asked me from where did i got that sari.  I replied it was a gift from my Mother. With a surprised look on her face she asked me “even you have a mother?” I replied without thinking “yes, or how else I would have  come into this world.” She said ” I mean you are so grown up and you still have a mother and I……”
Long after i returned home, I kept thinking of the little girl,whom i was teaching alphabets and numbers. She in return taught me a more important lesson; to never take anything for guaranteed and value the people in my life.

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  2. Archana Akhramka says:

    Thank you so much Anuradha. This is my first attempt in writing story, but not the last and all thanks to your encouragement and for this platform

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