Aa Jao, Ya Bula Lo .. Read by Ashish Mishra

Ashish’s promising voice not only well compliments a superb treat of words from Gulzar in remembrance of Pancham.. its captivating tone delivers the play of a melancholy yearning for the bond that stood larger than a lifetime. 

Incidentally, this audio excerpt in his own voice was my introduction to Gulzar sahab back in 1997. It still gives me goosebumps after goosebumps. Sorry Ashish, you cannot replace his voice in my head, however, I must say that you are brilliantly close to it.


ashishName: Ashish Mishra
Twitter Handle: @justalovelythou
Excerpts from the album ‘Pancham’ By Gulzar sahab

Audio Notes From Ashish: The words are essentially longing for a friend/soulmate who is never going to come back. That haunts you. By quoting examples of their lives Gulzar Saab has made it even more surreal. For me the line sums it up, ” hamari to team hai na, aa jao .. ya bula lo”. This line is so universal. Can be applied anywhere, your friend, lover or god.



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  1. Just A Lovely Thought says:

    Thank you for posting the link. I always knew it was the “Gustakhi” in real sense! I was just happy to recite the lines which Guruji wrote and immortalized.

    Thanks again everyone for liking it.

    1. AS says:

      Thank you for this gustaakhi 🙂

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