Hassan Koozagar .. Read By Usman GhaniReads ..

“Hassan Koozagar” recited by Usman Ghani is a worthy reference for those who aspire to learn the art of narration and story telling.. A voice so potent in expression of varying kinds that one doesn’t need a visual play to gather the minutest of emotions..


usmanName: Usman Ghani
Poem: Hassan Koozagar
Poet: Noon Meem Rashid

Audio Notes From Usman: This is one of favorites. The poem speaks of a potter who has seen his beloved randomly in a bazar after nine years. “Hassan Koozagar” has a historical importance as well since it was the first “Aazad Nazm” of Urdu literature. Aazad Nazm is a poem without rhymes and meter. It simply depends on its rhythm and flow for its beauty.

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  1. ajaypurohit says:

    Though it wasn’t possible to understand this, word by word but you rendition, Usman Miyan, made it possible for me to catch the ‘rooh’ of this sweet poem !

    The pain & ‘tadap’ of Hasan caught my heart . How I wish I knew Urdu well . But as they say…… language is no bar when it comes to express love !

    Too good ! God bless you . Ishwar aap ki aawaz mein is ‘Ras’ ko barqaraar rakhe .

    1. AS says:

      Wonderful comment. Thank you.

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