Ek Adhuura Sa Fasana .. by Ritu Dixit

Reciting a beautiful short story written by herself, Ritu renders sinuous transitions of tones to create a panorama of characters placed withing an incessant narration like a reputed story teller. And a bonus poem.
Personally, I love the sweet child in her voice trying to be a woman.

ritu dixit

एक अधूरा सा फ़साना

Written and Narrated by Ritu Dixit @espiritz_
एक छोटा सा फ़साना है की कैसे एक नाज़ुक सी उम्र का आकर्षण, एक निश्चल, पवित्र बंधन में तब्दील तो होता है पर बिना किसी वज़ूद के, बिना किसी क़रार के। यह कहानी इस तेज़ भागती ज़िंदगी में बहुत पीछे ही कहीं छूट जाती है।




Written and Narrated by Ritu Dixit @espiritz_

The poem is about the constant fight between the emotions and the self esteem of a woman. The poem tries to motivate women, encourages them to come out of their shells, identify their potential and utilize their worth.


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