Poems from Punjab .. read by Mili Duggal

With superlatives on varying aspects of narration put aside, have you ever smelled the river side silt of a country stream bisecting the corn fields of rural Punjab? Well.. find your chance in superb and filling voice of Mili ..

This is sublime.


Main Hun Vida Hunda Haan

Written By: Paash

Voice Artist: Mili Duggal – @miliduggal

Mili’s audio notes: Paash is the revolutionary poet from Punjab. What I love about this poem is its ethos; the longing to live knowing well the reality of the times the poem was written in well interspersed with beautiful descriptions of nature.


Kee puchde o haal fakeeraan da

Written By : Shiv Kumar Batalvi

Voice Artist: Mili Duggal – @miliduggal

Mili’s audio notes: Shiv needs no introduction, he is widely known and read. I have a very special emotional connection to Shiv and his work. It has always baffled me that for a poet as widely read as him, his this poem wasn’t done justice to by any singer. The most beautiful recitation of this poem has been done by himself, and hence this attempt.

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