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  1. archanaaggarwal4 says:

    सच है , एक स्त्री की प्राथमिकताएं अगणित होती हैं

    1. Beyond_Whelm says:

      True but poetry chooses us, doesn’t it? One has to make room 🙂

  2. दिव्या 'आईना ' says:

    बहुत खूब कहा आपनें।
    सच है कि….

    रोज लाखों शब्द आते हैं मन में
    कोई कविता,कोई शायरी बनती है,
    जब मन गृहस्थी की खींचतान से उबर
    ‘गृहणी’ से क्षणभर को शायरा बनती है।

    1. Beyond_Whelm says:

      beautiful! I salute both the homemaker and the poetess!

  3. preetkamal22 says:

    Reality is expressed so very brilliantly in this poem, I could see myself in every line. Such is the situation of a working woman, who despite all odds and taxing priorities, is able to steal few moments for herself as her mind wanders and searches for poetic pleasures! Applause ….:) 🙂

    1. Beyond_Whelm says:

      Thank you! If it appeals to you, touches you, the poem belongs to you.

  4. binani2000 says:


    1. Beyond_Whelm says:

      many thanks!

  5. DilSe says:

    बहुत खूब 👌

    1. Beyond_Whelm says:


  6. Mohammad Rizwan says:

    बहुत बेहतरीन कवीता

    1. Beyond_Whelm says:


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