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  1. Mam

    Do we have any timings for the quiz?

    All three attachments are not getting opened. Some problem showing…not accepting…try to contact owner type thing appearing on screen….

    Regards Anshu

  2. ajaypurohit says:

    Would be on cloud 9 if I get passing marks in any of the Hindi and Urdu Quiz. Hats off to the Masters for setting a real tough one…..!

  3. ajaypurohit says:

    Finally, a big thanks to Rahul for the third one….! I may pass overall.

  4. rashmi says:

    खुल ही नही रहां लिंक ।

    1. AS says:

      Rashmi ji Baaki sab ke liye to khul raha hai.. aap desktop se khol rahi hain na?

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