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  1. OMG!! Very beautiful, very impressive 👌

  2. Wow, beautiful voice, loved the way u ended it

  3. beautifully sung. Mesmerising voice. well composed. very beautiful.

  4. Kahkashan Khan says:

    Thank you all for ur valuable comments and feedback. This really apappreciated us bcz its our first attempt in playback. I m big fan of Himanshu (poetishq) for a very long time. He wrote this song for my voice. This is my aachievement. Lyrics are very sweet thats why song is beautiful. I also lIke this song alot. I read all of ur feedbcks and comments and I got so much positive energy from all of u for my next track. I assured you we ll creat next track much better thn this time. Plz keep giving ur comments and blessings.
    Thank you alot
    Special thanks to AAJ SIRHAANE for selecting “Sukoon”
    Kahkashan Khan

  5. kaleem says:

    So sweet wonderful voice……… I love this song..

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